Onchain Summer Buildathon

Onchain Summer Buildathon


We’re inviting builders around the world to join the Onchain Summer Buildathon, with 200 ETH in total prizes, and sponsors including Stripe, Shopify, Farcaster, Zora, Fleek, thirdweb, Nouns, Aerodrome, and Synthetix. Help shape the next generation of the internet across payments, commerce, social, creators, and more.


  • Build and be rewarded: Compete for 200 ETH in prizes across tracks
  • Bring your creativity onchain: Choose from eight tracks including gaming, payments, trading, creators, community engagement and more
  • Expert judging: Teams from Base, sponsors, and other ecosystem builders will review each track
  • Mentorship access: Regular office hours during the Buildathon

Onchain Summer


There are 8 tracks in the hackathon, with a prize pool of 20 ETH each. In each track, 20 ETH in total rewards will be split between 2-10 winning teams. In addition to the track rewards, there will be a bonus pool of 40 ETH in rewards for successful product integrations (see more below).

Hackathon Rules

  • You can participate as an individual or a team
  • Every team or individual can submit one project, to one track
  • In order to receive prizes, team members for winning projects will need to provide their KYC information and payment details


  • Teams consisting of Base, sponsors, and other ecosystem builders will review the submissions for each track
  • Registration, submissions, and payouts are managed directly by Devfolio

Get Started

  • Fill out the registration application here on Devfolio
  • Follow the next steps, including staking 0.002 ETH (you will get this back after successfully submitting your project)
  • May 31: Hackathon open for submissions—start building your project! Throughout June, you’ll have access to regular office hours and support from the Base team
  • June 30: Submissions due
  • July 8 - 12: Judging: Each track will be judged by a panel consisting of track sponsors, and other Base and community builders who are plugged into the respective space
  • July 16: Winners announced
  • July 1 - July 18: Community review period (winning projects are reviewed to ensure no plagiarism or fraudulent submissions)
  • July 18 onwards: KYC winners and payouts (managed by Devfolio)

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Terms and Condition for the Buildathon
Read the T&C for the Buildathon here: https://nsb.dev/ocs-buildathon-terms-conditions



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Team size

1 - 5

Refundable Staking Fee

0.002 ETH

Got more questions? Reach out to [email protected]


PAYMENTS with StripeCOMMERCE with ShopifyDISCOVERY with FleekCREATOR with ZoraSOCIAL with FarcasterGAMING with thirdwebUNPLUGGED with NounsTRADING with Aerodrome and SynthetixAerodrome Finance

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